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The Little Book of Humanist Weddings cover

The Little Book of Humanist Weddings

The Little Book of Humanist Weddings is a wonderful and accessible encapsulation of 2,000 years of humanist thinking about love, life, and relationships, which makes a fantastic source of inspiration for couples looking ahead to their big day!

Co-authored by Alice Roberts, Andrew Copson, myself, and the Humanist Ceremonies celebrant network. It was my honour and privilege to help write The Little Book of Humanist Weddings, and it was also such a wonder to work closely with many of my super talented celebrant colleagues to gather and include their insights, reflections and knowledge amongst the esteemed and notable humanists throughout history – all within the covers of this book.

It is an uplifting, honest and celebratory account of love and marriage. And I am so proud I could burst!
Released on 26th August 2021, you can buy the book* now.

Watch the book launch below to hear me share insights into how the book was conceived and compiled, what makes a humanist ceremony extra special and a few teaser snippets!

From the authors of the Sunday Times bestseller The Little Book of Humanism.

A humanist wedding ceremony allows couples the freedom to express their love in a completely personal way – but with so much choice, it can make the prospect of finding the perfect words a little daunting.

In a beautiful collection of quotes, poems and meditations from humanist writers and thinkers throughout history and humanist celebrants, The Little Book of Humanist Weddings is filled with inspiration to complement your unique celebration of love and commitment.

The Little Book of Humanist Weddings: Enduring inspiration for celebrating love and commitment

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