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Adrian and Jody

Ours was never going to be the easiest of weddings. For a start myself and my partner Jodes, were already married, and we did that in secret 10 years previously with just two people present. What’s more we met in Sydney while I was travelling and the whole thing happened at lightening speed.

All these years on and with two daughters in tow, this was the ceremony we really wanted to be special. Step forward the quite amazing Zena Birch.

From the moment she walked through our doors at our house we knew she was the right person to tell our confusing story. It’s something we’ve never been able to explain without feeling lost but Zena really took the time to reach inside our tale and took all the emotion that we had been hiding for so long to put together a romantic, moving, unique, funny and unforgettable ceremony tailored made around us.

It’s Zena’s little touches that make the difference, her warmth is infectious, her story telling lights up the room. When we walked down the aisles with our daughters beside us we were swept away by the beautiful atmosphere Zena was instrumental in creating. By the end of the day, every single person had approached us personally to comment positively on Zena, expressing how different and wonderful they found the humanist ceremony and why they finally understood our secret wedding and the romance behind it all.

Zena, who we now see as a friend, was simply perfect.