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Chani and Ash

It is difficult to write this briefly but we’ll try! What an incredible day, we were utterly speechless and overwhelmed with emotion and joy for weeks afterwards! Zena is seriously amazing and we cannot imagine how our big day could have been any better or in fact how it could have been the same without her. From the minute we met Zena we knew she was the woman for the job so we were so excited when she was free on our date and agreed to marry us. We were a bit apprehensive about writing our own vows and promises initially (we both do pictures, not words!) but Zena helped us through the process and we were so glad that we did it!

We also can’t thank Zena enough for making us do our homework (one of us more speedily that the other!) we now understand how important it was in enabling Zena to get to know us and in making the ceremony so awesome, personal and most of all a total reflection of our story and how all the important people sharing our day fitted into that (there was not a dry eye in the house and we can’t tell you how many guests told us it was the best ceremony they’d ever been to!). The ceremony was beyond our wildest dreams and Zena went above and beyond the call of duty in every way to make that happen (not just in the ceremony but in all the other things we roped her into!). We are so lucky to have had Zena as our celebrant and now we have an amazing new friend! Zena…thank you, thank you, thank you for making it truly the best day of our lives!