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Niccie and Jonathan

I wanted to write you a thank you email, but I’m honestly lost for words to tell you how grateful we are for the amazing ceremony! I’m reading through our guest book and pretty much every entry mentions how moved people were by the ceremony, how personal it was and how heartfelt! My 83 year old grandfather apparently asked, as everyone was sitting down, “why aren’t we in a church?” but by the end, he thought it was fabulous! Between you and the choir, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house!

Lots of people told me last night it was the best wedding ceremony they’d ever been to and they loved the fact that is was so personal to us. I don’t think anyone had ever heard a wedding ceremony that encompassed both European football and cushion etiquette! I’m also really grateful that you took so much time to talk to us (both face to face and by email) before the ceremony. It made a real difference to me to have a friendly and familiar face taking us through the ceremony, rather than someone we’d only met half an hour earlier, it isn’t easy organizing a whole wedding from the U.S. I also really appreciated you making the effort to have a rehearsal with the full wedding party and to coordinate the choir!

Writing the ‘story of us’ and filling out your questionnaire was actually a really good exercise for the two of us to do. Jonno definitely used that as inspiration for his speech – and even talked about the process (and how rubbish he was at doing it!) in the speech. Apparently at one point he wrote a 5 verse poem (which I’m still trying to convince him to show to me!).

If you ever need a reference, or have a couple who are unsure about using you or having the humanist ceremony – please feel free to pass on my email address.