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Victoria Wilcox

Zena Birch conducted the wedding of my niece Simon Wilcox to Vince Lynch on April 17, 2010 near Los Angeles. Since Simon is the centre of my universe, my expectations were very high, Zena met them and wildly exceeded them.

Zena had obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to learn about Simon and Vince as individuals, and about the history of their relationship. She used that information to personalize the service, ensuring that it reflected their uniqueness in ways that all the friends and family members could appreciate and enjoy.

But she also added many touches of her own, including having guests each write a good wish or good advice on one piece of a pennant, which was then assembled. After they’d said their vows, Simon and Vince had to run through the banner, adding one more unforgettable moment to a charming and moving ceremony.

I got the sense from my niece that Zena was very sensitive to the tone she and Vince wanted for their wedding, and would have done something quite different if they had wanted.

Zena’s presence added immeasurably to the joy of my niece’s wedding, and I would cheerfully attend any wedding at which she officiates.