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Analogue love

There is nothing, NOTHING, like a handwritten thank you. I’ve been absolutely floored by the outpouring of love and the time and thoughtfulness my exceptional couples have spent to make my little heart warmed this season.

Please feel free to take the time to read each of these. I love that it actually takes the eye and the mind a little longer to read handwriting than typed text. A call back to when we all used to revel in taking a little more time.

Every single couple and every single marriage and thus every single wedding ceremony is as unique as handwriting itself.

It is my pleasure and honour to keep creating distinct and meaningful and honest memories with you all. The process is as rewarding for me as I hope it is for you and when someone joked many years ago that they were part of I cringed a little at the hashtag as it felt too self aggrandising. But it really isn’t, it’s a word that encompasses the the giant patchwork of brilliant humans I have had the privilege of being welcomed into the lives of. You’re the parish. And I’m beyond lucky to be the staple in the parish newsletter that holds it all together.

Analogue love.