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These are the unadulterated happy faces

These are unadulterated happy faces

These are unadulterated happy faces.

How to get this happy?

  • Finally have your wedding – third time lucky.
  • Make it through a global pandemic as frontline NHS staff.
  • Gather everyone together outdoors and damn well celebrate.
  • Love as hard and as honestly as Lizzie and Sam
  • Find the remarkable in the unremarkable daily.
  • Honour those who are important to you and who you’ve missed. (Sam’s grannie’s rug made up the aisle, Grampy Helmut was honoured with a Macmillan badge and a bag of snacks on every seat, he always worried there weren’t enough snacks 😉 and Grampy Dave had a sweet truck in his honour, he never went anywhere without Haribo.)
  • Have Gelato, a glitter Lady and ALL the flowers, because you deserve it “I was a Covid nurse!!!”
  • Know that as a team you will always dance in the kitchen and tell each other it’s going to be alright, even when you know it isn’t, but the words help.
  • Write your vows on kitchen roll, because that’s where you write all your best notes to each other anyway. (And sign and frame them, because WHY NOT!!??)
  • Have the best surprise readings, hand written and delivered with perfection from your closest friends.
  • Combine your surnames to make one brand new surname!
  • Stand with your celebrant and squeeze each other for a photo because we finally made it here. Through all the meetings, the homework, the dinners & wine, the cancellations, the disappointments, the can we/can’t we? To the other side of the ceremony – jam packed full of love and laughter and tears.

Lizzie and Sam, I was so proud to stand with you both yesterday, your family and friends are one hell of a support network and you know you can add me to that lifetime list of support and love. Congratulations Rucksmiths!!!!!