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A unique and yet appropriate way to decide on your ring bearer......

A unique and yet appropriate way to decide on your ring bearer

When E, N and I were discussing who they wanted to present their rings to them, they were stuck at a conundrum; how do you narrow down, out of all the amazing people close to you, who should have this role? Two ideas came to a head (pun intended! ) I suggested that we graciously battle it out. So E&N gave me some of their least known favourite facts about themselves, the real intimate details that only those on the inside know – a dozen each, and utilising a game so many are familiar with, we held aloft the correct ‘head on a stick’ that was most likely to be the answer to each magnificent insight… but this obviously threw in some jeopardy – for ultimately, even a plus one can play the odds! It. Was. Spectacular. (And hilarious when all of N’s family were sat back down by the fifth question!!!!!) Not only was everyone involved, not only did everyone learn something they didn’t know, not only did N&E have to stare at 240 decapitated versions of themselves(!) but we had 120 ginormous smiles beaming back at us throughout. And the winner…? E’s sister. Well earned. Utterly perfect. And more fun than any of us anticipated. Man alive I love helping to create and champion rituals that actually mean something to people.