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Podcast alert! @theenthusiastandco interviewed me for her podcast about joy in work, play and life a

The Enthusiast Podcast: Celebration, A Sense of Occasion, and Finding Joy in Everything

Podcast alert! The Enthusiast & Co interviewed me for her podcast about joy in work, play and life and you can listen to it now.

I’m going to quote Ellie’s show notes now and blush, because they are so nice. I’d have summed it up as “where Zena talks about not being a fly mass murderer, how a life analogy presented itself as her lover and how lying husk like and wounded can make you glad you are alive” but Ellie definitely says it with more compliment ;-)

Do take a listen and let us be the dulcet tones in your ears today.

“TODAAAAY I am joined by one of my favourite people in the entire world: Zena Birch, Humanist Celebrant.
Zena is a bottle of champagne in human form: effervescent, bubbly, luxurious, and one of the greatest things in life. It’s quite daunting writing this description, because her way with words is so marvellous: and I loved listening to them as she gave a super honest and beautifully, generously raw insight into her enthusiasm for tradition, communing, creating a sense of occasion, and being alive and getting older.”

Find the podcast in iTunes, Spotify and on The Enthusiast & Co website.

This image is from when Ellie and I were last allowed to meet in the reals. I miss the reals.

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