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The joy of a London wedding. The beautiful Sarah and Steve held their ceremony in their local favour

The joy of a London wedding

The beautiful Sarah and Steve held their ceremony in their favourite local bar @wringerandmangle – it looked sensational, all deconstructed metals and pretty flowers. Half the guests walked directly from the town hall where they S&S signed their legal documents, drinks were served whilst the other guests arrived. We defied the rain (which then stopped and the sun shone!) and gathered outside to put meaning and reason to the signing they had done only minutes earlier. An extraordinary piece of prose, originally written for them both was read by their friend Lydia (which made me cry and I’m usually prepared to weather all emotional storms!!), Sarah wore their son Jackson during the ceremony in a sling that with happy accident matched the strapping of the back of her dressage we laughed and smiled our way through their ceremony, whilst Jackson slept, waking only to steal the show in the final few moments, as they exchanged rings and vows, acknowledging that they were now officially a family of three with Jackson gurgling his blessing 🙂

Lavender was thrown, applause was raucous and Jackson’s hand print on our certificate sealed the deal (with a matching yellow cheese puff print on the other side for posterity ) making a nice compliment to their legal certificate. What a pleasure it was to work with such a wonderful family and Sarah – thank you for sitting me next to your dad – it was one of the most thoughtful and engaging conversations I have had in ages!