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Every time you book me, we plant a tree!

Every time you book me, we plant a tree! I’ve been feeling a little disheartened recently, allowing the political madness we are in to get me down forgetting that all change begins with us! Whilst walking my brilliant dog Laika today I remembered a plan I had been hatching a few months ago which I had dropped the ball on. Inspired by my friend @thepoetryofitall who is doing this very thing every time he takes on new clients I followed his lead and have announced my pledge. Every single time one of you books me to work with you – creating your ceremony, I will donate to @natforestco and have a tree dedicated in your honour. You get a certificate and everything!

Symbolically I couldn’t think of many things more bloody joyful! A sapling will start growing at the same time as I send you your first piece of glorious homework – as you reflect, discuss, laugh, and reminisce your way through the genesis and development of your relationship, so too will the sapling be setting down its roots. It will grow as you grow. AND give oxygen, shelter and continued ecosystem brilliance to everything around it. This photo is from when I married the wonderful @harrera_images to the equally wonderful @charlottepalmerphotography – we stood under what felt, quite honestly, like an enchanted tree. Since then I have become Aunty Zena to their daughter Mila – trees nurture so many things 😉 Lets build a forest together!!