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What a day yesterday was! Personalisation pimped!

What a day yesterday was! Personalisation pimped! Not only did Eveline and James get married in Ev’s family back garden, but the ceremony itself took place about 7 meters from where her and James first felt sparks fly. In her mum’s kitchen!

Expressions of love come in so many forms, but the care and attention that Ev’s mum showed in preparing her garden for their day, was genuinely jaw dropping. From the creation of all of the flower arrangements, to the collection of shells from places special to them – to add to the arrangements and sculptures, the dinner table and even Eveline’s headpiece.

Our ceremony was just as carefully and personally created. Retelling their story was immense amounts of fun, which the laughter, smiles, tears, and out pouring of love from all of their guests can attest to.

And an exquisite collection of deeply personal creative elements. We tied their knot with climbing ropes James uses as a tree surgeon, we created a community certificate for everyone to sign – from the most beautiful piece of wood, hand crafted and hand etched by James (so well sanded, it looked varnished before anything has gone on it!!!), we had a pitch perfect and moving (surprise for E&J) reading in Dutch by Eveline’s mum and two sisters (not a dry eye to be found) and the Dutch tradition of a wish tree, where every guest’s wish for them was written and tied as the centre piece to their reception space.

Add to this friends who had known them for years, families who have already become intermingled, dogs in attendance, the nicest weather day of the year so far and Eveline and James being two of the nicest people you will ever meet and frankly, I pinched myself all day. The natural high infectious. I think even the breeze was happy.

#lovetour2023 really is flowing like a dream this year.