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Confetti explosion addiction refuelled!!!! Zoom pre-wedding ‘Pin In It’ ceremony. And yes, I am wear

Zoom pre-wedding ‘Pin In It’ ceremony

Confetti explosion addiction refuelled!!!! Zoom pre-wedding ‘Pin In It’ ceremony. And yes, I am wearing a disco ball safety helmet.
Sometimes disappointments can bring unexpected delights. My magnificent colleague @thissarahpowell with a heavy heart introduced Alex and Matt to me when their need to postpone meant that their new date clashed for her. One of the truly wonderful things about being part of the @humanists_uk network is the safety and faith we feel in recruiting a colleague to help us out. And so, one fabulous zoom meet (CV19 needs must, I love a first meet in person, but screens will do!) and Alex, Matt and I formed a bond and the relay baton was passed. I cannot wait to marry Matt and Alex in February (they genuinely seemed excited when I told them we would have to do new/more homework together….! My kind of people :-)), but until then they asked if we could notate their original date with a little zoom get together, curated by me and with their nearest and dearest joining us. With the promise of confetti….the zoom meeting ID went out 😉

We tied a knot around their wedding rings for safe keeping, with ribbon we will carry through to their ceremony in February (a lovely little nod) and each of their guests actively witnessed their promissory intentions. A&M told me they had been inundated with flowers, they had given each other deeply personal and thoughtful gifts that morning and as the confetti exploded and they kissed, all the joy of what they had hoped for – mixed with their anticipation for February – culminated in a bubble of extreme happiness. No one saw this pandemic coming, but I am increasingly get the feeling that by looking carefully and quietly the real pleasure in anticipation is being felt more astutely by us all. And in a world of fast immediate gratification, there’s a lot to love about this rediscovery.

As for the disco ball helmet….when you change your theme from May summer wedding to February cocktails and disco, if you have accoutrements to hand to give a visual clue to the new theme….what’s a gal to do?