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All the squidges! Some people ask me if in the midst of wedding season does it all start to feel the

Making every wedding ceremony different

All the squidges! Some people ask me if in the midst of wedding season does it all start to feel the same and the answer is absolutely NO. If it did, I wouldn’t still be doing this job and possibly loving it more than ever eight years on. This weekend I married these two beauties, Crystal and Chris. We’ve spent just over a year together, in that time I have worked really hard to understand what makes them both tick, hear their individual voice not just their combined voice and to get a sense of their humour. Which is brilliant, and filthy, and candid and naughty as….So it would be completely insincere if the ceremony didn’t reflect this. And that’s how it is with each and every ceremony, the dynamic alters, the tone is endlessly changing, the breath and pace will even be different. I’ve been lucky that during this process we were able to go from acquaintances to celebrant and couple to dinner partners to rooftop view dwellers to dirty martini drinkers to corresponders to selfie senders and confidants. I spent a day with Crystal’s mum and dad – just me, them and my little dog and a workshop on father of the bride speech 😉 The bond we created was nothing short of a delight for me and this selfie with Wally is now one of my treasured possessions.

Crystal and Chris found me after watching me marry their friends (and now my friends) Rhys and Jo and they wanted to capture the magic – but not the same ceremony. It can never be the same ceremony. Hallelujah! It’s exhausting and sometimes deadline frightening making sure that each ceremony has the feel, intent and phrasing of each individual couple, but it is the very least I can do. And it’s the privilege of my job that it becomes so damn rewarding and that so many of you all genuinely become my friend! I will dance until dawn with you gay best friend/hot usher/mum/godmother/band/photographer/you!!!! If you ask me to 😉 Now, enough rambling. I’ve only posted this photo because we’re selfie squishing in front of the “topiary that look like bellends” which as we all know is the ONLY reason we all had to trek hundreds of miles to the Lake District