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Let’s talk about wedding day artefacts.

Let’s talk about wedding day artefacts

You don’t get to keep much from the actual wedding day itself, which I always think is a shame. So I invest time with my couples to think carefully through meaningful things they can keep that they’d genuinely like to keep!!

Lizzie and Sam were legally married back during the pandemic and we didn’t think it was necessary for them to take off their wedding rings, so, we tied their wedding knot instead, to an almighty cheer! They will never forget the moment they affirmed the gesture they made when they exchanged rings with the moment they tied it all together (pun intended!) and their knot represents that.

Their certificate was signed by all 100 of their guests. I’ve been creating community certificates for a decade now and nothing brings me more joy when I visit a couple from past than when I get to study their community certificate whilst using their downstairs loo! The certificate becomes slightly messy, full of the scrawls of their support network, and it’s a bloody wonder to observe.

And then Lizzie and Sam chose to write their personal vows on kitchen roll – where they write all their best messages to each other daily anyway. Poignant, personal, perfection. So they signed those too and will have them framed forevermore.

We make memories people, it’s what us humans love to do. And especially with others. So a few keep sakes to remind us of the magic along our journey through life is a pretty awesome thing.