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Ryan Reynolds Ritual - we were always going to go into a room, just @lisajanephoto @leeallenphotos @

Ryan Reynolds Ritual

Ryan Reynolds Ritual – we were always going to go into a room, just @lisajanephoto @leeallenphotos @mattparryphoto and I just after L&L’s personal vows to sign their Post-It note marriage contract (in homage to Grey’s Anatomy) leaving the guests alone for a moment. I had the idea to surprise L&L and ask all of the guests to write the words they associate with them both (or draw a doodle – whichever they preferred) whilst we were gone. So, 68 hand sealed envelopes with post it notes, felt tip pens and a note of instruction were placed upon each chair and when the time came, I asked everyone to open them whilst we were gone. Everyone more than dutifully got on with their task. All unbeknownst to L&L. Now, fully aware of the high levels of sentimentality here, one doesn’t want to over do it! So, how could I juxtapose this earnestness, with a gesture of silliness so we could all stomach it and not feel like we were in a saccharine hell hole? Well, obviously, by getting each row of friends and family to get up and pin this sentiment to a life size cardboard cutout of @vancityreynolds!! Ryan himself was a surprise I had presented to Lee earlier in the ceremony in gentle teasing of Lee’s man crush reveal to me in his homework that, and I quote “who doesn’t love the dreamboat that is Ryan Reynolds?!” And there we have it. A ritual of the most delicious components. Real words, genuine love, post it note brilliance to accompany their own, to remind them that everyone in that room has their backs and will support them and they are never alone.

Thank you @theweddingenthusiast for never questioning my odd ideas, for taking delivery of Ryan and for not only holding him tight for the sticking but for also covering the swearword when it was the bridesmaids turn to stick her note!
The highlight for me was wrapping him in cling film with Kirsty to save and secure the post-it’s – “let’s wrap Ryan a little tighter” is not a sentence I say often enough!
Ritual can come in many shapes and sizes, yesterday it came in a 6ft 2in dreamboat of a Canadian 😉